Double Decker Sensory Coach

N.Ireland's Only Double Decker Sensory Coach

What is a Double Decker Sensory Coach?

A sensory double decker coach is a specialised vehicle that has been converted and designed to provide a multi-sensory experience on wheels. It typically features two levels, allowing for maximum space and versatility.

Here is an overview of our Big White Sensory Coach and it’s key components and features:

Onboard we have created two separate Multi-Sensory Environments and they are equipped with sensory elements such as lighting effects, projection systems, bubble tubes, fibre optics, interactive panels, and audio systems. These elements create a stimulating environment that engages the senses of sight, sound, touch, and sometimes smell.

Spacious Layout: The double-decker design provides ample room for accommodating various sensory stations and activity areas. We have designed the lower level to feature a dedicated space for relaxation, tactile experiences, and interactive displays within a darken space. The upper level includes seating areas or additional interactive features.

The capacity onboard at any one time is 18 over the two floors. We do operate a walk on/off system at larger events or can create allocated time slots to ensure the individuals can experience onboard.

Accessibility Considerations: Our coach is designed to be accessible to individuals with disabilities. Included is a wheelchair ramp, as well as height adjusted seating around the equipment to accommodate different needs and wheelchair sizes.

Mobility and Versatility: Being mobile, our coach can travel to different locations, making it suitable for events, schools, community centres, and other venues. It’s versatility allows it to adapt to different event themes or specific sensory requirements.

Customization Options: Depending on the client or event, the interior of our double-decker coach can be customised to meet specific needs and preferences. Clients may have preference over different themes, colour schemes, or sensory elements to create a tailored experience.

Professional Staff: Our coach is accompanied by trained staff members who facilitate and guide the sensory experience. They ensure the safety and engagement of participants, explain the sensory elements, and assist individuals with special requirements.

The coach is designed to provide a service of neuro inclusion to various event settings, offering a unique and immersive journey for individuals of all ages and abilities especially for individuals and families who have sensory processing difficulties.

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