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Welcome to The Big White Coach Events we are a family run business based in Northern Ireland and Ireland, established and developed by me Gail Walker and extended family in 2019

So here is a little about me. My name is Gail Walker and I am a mother, wife, entrepreneur, and advocate hailing from the heart of Northern Ireland. With a degree in hand and a zest for life, I embarked on a successful career as a graphic designer and marketer in the events industry that spanned over 15 years. My professional journey is impressive, but my true calling was yet to be revealed.

In the delicate tapestry of my family, I discovered my most profound purpose when my son was diagnosed with autism at the tender age of three. This pivotal moment marked the beginning of an extraordinary transformation in me – one that would lead me from the bustling world of marketing to a passionate mission for neuro inclusivity.

As a mother, I wear many many hats but with grace and determination I try my best daily. I adore my children but balancing the unique dynamics of raising a child on the autism spectrum and nurturing my daughter’s growth and understanding of this and others can is challenging, but every day, I walk the challenging yet beautiful path of fostering understanding and harmony within my family unit.

But my story doesn’t stop there. Fueled by love and a burning desire to make my community more accommodating, I embarked on an entrepreneurial journey. I founded my own family business The Big White Coach Events with a noble purpose: to transform the events industry in Northern Ireland and Ireland into a haven for neurodivergent individuals and neurodiverse families.

Having felt firsthand the isolation that often accompanies the absence of sensory considerations in public spaces and events, I and my family are on a mission to change the narrative. From community events to birthday parties, I am determined to ensure that no family has to experience the heartache of leaving early or staying home due to sensory difficulties.

With my background in marketing and design, I am uniquely positioned to drive awareness and advocate for the vital changes needed in the events industry. My journey is a testament to the power of love and determination, and resonates deeply with countless other families facing similar challenges.

I am not just a university graduate; I hope to be a symbol of hope and change. My dual role as an entrepreneur and a devoted mother and wife is testament to the transformative impact one person can have on their community when fueled by love and purpose.

Let’s create a world where neuro inclusivity is not just a dream but a reality for families in Northern Ireland and beyond.

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Here at Big White Coach Events we offer corporate mobile neuro – inclusive services, from half day to full day packages.From sensory and quiet spaces to activities. We’ve got you covered.



Here to support in planning neuro friendly parties, offering custom packages to suit you.

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At Big White Coach Events we offer neuro – inclusive event services all year round, from Easter to Halloween we cover them all.



We offer educational services for schools from awareness of Neurodiversity to mobile sensory environments and activites for all ages and abilities on site